One of my favorite memories as a young girl is a summer when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I thought it would be so great if, any morning that I woke up before my mom, I would make her breakfast in bed. (Maybe I got this idea from The Brady Bunch Show) The first morning that this opportunity came, I quickly ran outside and picked a gorgeous pink peony from the neighbor’s flower bed, and walked into her room with toast, juice and that beautiful bloom. I will never forget my mom’s smile, (even though I got into a bit of trouble for picking flowers I shouldn’t pick) I did this several more times over the summer, except I stuck to our own yard, violets, dandelions and spirea. I didn’t realize till many years later, that my mom was purposely crawling back in bed every so often inorder to enjoy these moments with me. That summer she taught me to love giving beauty to others and enjoy sharing in their happiness.

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